UTM System vs. Firewall Comparison

utm firewall comparisonUTM, also known as unified threat management, is a security solution that focuses on an extensive network defense for businesses and organizations. In essence, the development of UTM stemmed from standard firewall and later evolved into an all-around, comprehensive security product that is not only able to perform a number of vital security functions but advanced operations as well.

As such, one can say that UTM is highly marketable with more than a billion dollar global investments. Aside from its substantial growth rate over the years, its target market encompasses not just large enterprises but small to medium businesses as well. Its inherent flexibility is definitely an asset no matter the size of the organization.

The Benefits

Since UTM is specifically intended to deliver a wide array of security solutions, it can invariably minimize costs while making the whole process as straightforward and as easy as possible. Essentially, UTM is undemanding since the only requires a firewall, antivirus, VPN and intrusion alarm. However, you may also opt for more advanced features in the form of a Super UTM, which has the added capability of spam blocking, spyware protection and many more.

The rise and success of UTM’s growth are essentially rooted in the issue of expense. Single point solutions are pretty much expensive and have the disadvantage of not being centralized, making UTM the ideal solution for a more streamlined management.

UTM Players

One of the leading companies in utilizing the UTM approach is Kerio, with its Kerio Control offering. The company is known to offer the IT security benefits of a network firewall, and many qualities of service and network control offerings that make the IT administrator’s life easier.  This includes a Web Filter to block employees from visiting malicious Web sites, and bandwidth management to optimize network performance.

In comparison to Kerio, other niche players also use standard protection measures and management systems that integrate link-load balancing, traffic shaping and connection fail-over  All of these ensure that all aspects of a business’ daily operations remain at the best possible advantage.

Companies looking to fortify their business security state-of-the-art system that goes well beyond what’s fundamental. Defense and protection always take precedence in any account as it allows flexibility and easy-to-use software for best connectivity and communication anytime or anywhere.

Making the Leap

Making the leap from a standard firewall measure to a comprehensive UTM solution may prove to be immense but it is nonetheless a decision that will inevitably prove to be beneficial in the future. Regardless of the big change, the cost is comparably reasonable once you make the option to switch.

Point solutions, should always be effective and is backed by professional credentials that do the work well and more. If easier management is one of your core objectives, then you’ll never go wrong from opting for a better, more complete system that provides high-performing results on all aspects of your organization.


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