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SoftLayer Review Many people have been told that they live with their heads in the clouds, but in our technologically-dependent society, this phrase has taken on much more validity. “The cloud” is a term used to describe massive off-site computing, storage and sharing capacity that allows consumers to store and cooperate on materials virtually. The service provider that you select for your cloud computing is critical for the service that you will receive and the capabilities that will be afforded to your company. This SoftLayer  review is for those focused on the most industry-leading technology and connectivity should look to SoftLayer review for a truly innovative approach to the cloud.

Build Your Own Cloud

The cloud is not something that exists in the same way for all users. As with traditional forms of hosting and management, each user is afforded his own performance capacities that match the needs of his information processing and sharing. Unfortunately, streamlining has made purchasing the actual machinery that will create your cloud rather limited when it comes to some sources. If you choose a small physical server you are automatically going to be given limited RAM and CPU capabilities as well. Though this may seem an obvious progression of choices, developing the ideal cloud for a specific application is not always this cut-and-dry. SoftLayer’s individualized approach to offering servers provides individual users the ideal balance of scalability, flexibility, performance and security to address the precise needs of the user rather than offering a generic bundle and requiring the user to adjust his use to that bundle. When purchasing with SoftLayer  review you will select the number of cores that you   want and the amount of RAM independently in order to develop your ideal cloud.


The registered technology of SoftLayer, CloudLayer, provides a range of cloud solutions that are easily maintained yet offer unparalleled security and flexibility. this SoftLayer review found that users can select access to a public cloud, private cloud or what the company refers to as a “bare metal” cloud which offers tremendous processing power but without additional features of virtualization. The technology offered by these solutions far exceeds the capacities of competitors, creating a genuine virtual data center that eliminates the need for traditional management, hosting and server technologies.


With all of this flexibility and personalization does come more complication when it comes to developing your personal solutions. Rather than just a few options that are fairly easy to work through, review SoftLayer offers several pages of options for precise optimization of your cloud services. This wide variety of options and detailing can be confusing for some users. Fortunately, the company also offers an incredibly committed service and support team centralized in a detailed, highly user-friendly customer portal. Service tickets are responded to within twenty minutes of receipt, and should you need further attention you can rely on a real person answering the phone by the second ring. Customer issues are resolved promptly by highly trained and skilled professionals to ensure that each user gets the most from his personal cloud.

SoftLayer Review 

SoftLayer Security

Industry leading security is created through the cooperation of private and public networks, scheduled hardware upgrades and redundant infrastructure, all of which ensure your information is protected at all times in your cloud. This security is combined with versatile storage options for maximum usability.

SoftLayer review insightful approach to data and hosting offers users total flexibility and control as well as industry-leading security and usability. With a personalized approach to server purchasing, SoftLayer review ensures that each user’s access to the cloud is optimized for his specific needs.


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