Palo Alto Networks Firewall Review

palo_alto_firewallA security breach to your company’s sensitive data through flaky firewall system could result to the downfall of your business from the market place.

While some organizations are seeking alternatives to the traditional firewall system, most companies are sticking to it due to the continuous enhancements done to perfect security and maintain its admirable services. According to the latest Palo Alto Networks firewall reviews, this outstanding product still stands out among the best options up to date, and its services will continue to prevail.

Palo Alto Networks is renowned for its efforts in identifying key elements that next generation firewall would require. Overall, the Palo Alto Networks firewall is the answer to all the doubts about firewall as its new product answers all those questions brought up by users and competitors. Some of the highlighted benefits include its capacity to be seen in all applications regardless of the type of port, protocols, SSL encryption or even tactics used. Palo Alto is perhaps not the only organization that is working to ensure firewall services are intact, but it is by far the one coming up with positive results.

In addition to visibility as a benefit, there are other advantages associated with the next generation firewall such as having the ability to identify applications and those using them by their names instead of the IP addresses. This means that the real time threat prevention tools will challenge hackers trying to sabotage firewall security by catching them before they even attempt their worst.

A lot of product reviews based on the current and future security systems have flocked the internet and other media sources. Although not everyone sees the objectives Palo Alto firewall system is working to accomplish, especially with the unveiling of five primary requirements in the next generation firewall, there are still many who are able to work out the differences and identify its outstanding benefits. It can be hard to know when malwares will bypass the firewall system as there are many causes thus why it is always good to stay one step ahead.


Palo Alto Networks Firewall

Palo Alto is always working to redefine the way firewall works in securing data and other sensitive information from malware attacks and hackers. For instance, just recently, it is reported to have identified 900 applications that it could manage directly, this means it is the first of its kind to reach that particular level.

Of course not everyone has the same views, there have been allegations that the product has failed to provide complete visibility to aid on information and content inspection. The point is that every product must have its flaws, and while Palo Alto Networks Firewall System may have its own, it remains the leader in securing top secret and sensitive data by updating the product on a regular basis.

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  1. We recently purchased PA-3020 firewalls. Coming from the ASA they are quite different, but of course that would be expected. The only downfall I can see is their tech support. While they may be easy to contact, understanding what they are staying due to their lack of English skills makes it very frustrating. Once I finally figure what they are trying to say they hardly ever fix my problem the 1st try, and they have to escalate it to their support. Besides that they are excellent firewalls and I would recommend.

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