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Rapid7 Nexpose ReviewRapid7 is a well-established company with more than 12 years in the market creating new solutions and evolving in the network security field. From industry standard award winners to new open source projects, and from security scanners to vulnerability management tools, we see this company not only making excellent network security solutions, but also offering free versions to enable users to try them out. In dealing with vulnerability management and penetration testing, the company has created a product called Rapid7 Nexpose, incorporating all the aspects of web and computer security to shield your network from any malicious attacks and notify you of any vulnerabilities. Simplicity Rapid7 Nexpose comes with very concise, easy to follow instructions with the quick start and administrator guides.. Simplicity is one of Rapid7’s characteristics, so getting started is as easy as plugging in a device and assigning an IP address. Not even smartphones are that easy to operate these days. Need to test vulnerabilities? Rapid7 has its own open source penetration testing tool, Metasploit, which is available as a free community version or in premium versions Metasploit Express and Metasploit Pro. Rapid7 is working with the open source community to expand the exploit library for Metasploit, as well as building the capabilities of the solution. It can perform an IPv6 scan and then exploit vulnerabilities in every single device to indicate which represent the greatest risk. A robust report shows what has been found, what might cause or put the device at risk and provides efficient recommendations on what to do to avoid a future conflict according to the device’s vulnerability. Rapid7’s solutions help organizations comply with a wide range of regulations and standards, such as PCI. The products offer great exploit testing; a user-friendly, yet very advanced dashboard; and reduce the waste of time by reducing false positive encounters. Simplicity and a wide range of assistance combine to create seamless risk intelligence and a more secure environment. Rapid7 Nexpose Forrester Research, Inc. tested Rapid7 in some modes against similar companies including nCircle, McAfee and Qualys. According to multiple evaluations with these ‘Titans’ in the security network market, we noticed the incredible growth Rapid7 has experienced over the past year—more than 50% expansion. In the areas tested, Rapid7 came out with outstanding scores. Thanks to its own strong scanning capabilities, Nexpose can handle Ajax and Web 2.0 technologies. In vulnerability assessment on network and system level tests, we see Rapid7 with a very promising score, above almost all other competitors with 3.90 out of 5 compared to nCircle 4.10, Lumension 3.19, McAfee 3.85 and Qualys 3.74. In application-level vulnerability management, Rapid7 sweeps the competition with a solid 5.0 compared to Lumension 2.10, McAfee 1.60, Qualys and nCircle with 3.80. Performance and operation test gave Rapid7 a slight but still relevant higher score with 4.15 compared to Lumension 4.05, Mcafee 3.35, nCircle 3.50 and Qualys 4.0. The comparisons above demonstrate the slow growth but solid market dominance of Rapid7 with Nexpose and Metasploit.

Rapid7 Nexpose

Compared with OpenVAS, NMap and Nessus on 15 different types of security holes, Rapid7 Nexpose identified far more threats, poorly configured devices, and operating systems with known security issues. It even implemented IPv6 scanning successfully. In comparison to the competition, Rapid7 Nexpose, along with security monster Metasploit is by far a stronger solution, worth the investment for any company or corporation that puts network security as a top priority.

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