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Mobile CRMONDiGO –Mobile CRM

A good customer base is a small company’s most valuable asset. Customer retention is one of the major drivers of a company’s growth, because it plays an important role in establishing a reliable bottom line. In fact, Gartner Research just revealed that 80% of a company’s initial revenue comes from 20% of its existing customers.  By contrast, the cost of drawing new customers to your business is usually five times more than that of keeping existing customers. Research also shows that keeping your customer retention rate at 5% will show an increase of up to 95% in profits. Increasing customer retention is the key to increasing your company’s profitability.

However, the current customer contact management and relational CRM systems don’t make it easy. You have to learn how to use them. Also, you have to sit at a computer to key your data into the system; you can’t access and update your databases on the go.

That’s where ONDiGO comes in.
ONDiGO, from a young Israeli startup, is the first Mobile CRM that targets both busy professionals and micro-businesses. (See a video about their product here.) It is developed with the understanding that today’s world is all about mobility. It literally follows you to the world. ONDiGO offers a customer management solution that doesn’t require you to change the way you work. It helps businesses maintain relationships by allowing them to build databases automatically, access customer’s contacts, interact with them, and remember little details from interactions. All of this makes ONDiGO the best Mobile CRM for on-the-go professionals.

One of the notable features of the ONDiGO CRM application is the option to sort business contacts from personal contacts. There is also the Notes section, in which you can track your interactions with customers, and the Current Status feature that gives you real time updates anytime you need them.

The ONDiGO Mobile CRM application understands the multi-tasking that is required to ensure that businesses operate effectively and efficiently. Some of the solutions that the ONDiGO Mobile CRM presents include the following:

  • Business owners and professionals do not require any training to use this application. All they need to know is how to use a mobile phone.
  • The software is designed to build a customer database automatically based on day-to-day interactions. This makes the daily workload easier (and is highly appreciated).
  • Important details that could be overlooked are captured and accessed with a single click.

Mobile CRM

Those who have tried this application are excited by the on-the-go ability to aggregate all the details of their customers via mobile devices. Others have appreciated the well-rounded nature of this application. It lets them have their schedule, attachments, contacts, and other important information in one place, making it a truly well-rounded CRM. In my opinion, every business owner and professional should have ONDiGO to help maintain good customer relations.  Because good customer relations lead to customer retention, and that means increased profitability for everyone.



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Mobile CRM

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