John Chambers Keynote Address at Cisco Live, Orlando 2013

John Chambers, cISCO CEO , speaks during a news conference

John Chambers Cisco

John Chambers CISCO – Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the keynote speech of my role model, the legendary John Chambers: Chairman of the Board and CEO of Cisco Systems. I greatly enjoyed his keynote, which was both educating and fascinating. John shared with us how he sees Cisco and the market today, and Cisco’s goals for the future.

“From the very beginning we have adopted an attitude that we’ll be

customer driven, [and] focused on market transitions.” John Chambers CISCO

John Chambers CISCO. Listening to customers is the only way to ascertain the market trends and transitions in networking and IT companies, and the Cisco Live conference essentially operates as a large, common platform where developers share with customers. It is a forum for revealing technology trends, and discussing the needs and happenings of the technology world today.

Twenty years ago, Cisco set a goal: Change the world. They have, and show no signs of stopping.  Now everyone is able to easily access services they need, anytime with Cisco’s system, and Connect customers and employees can connect to their organization’s network from wherever they are with one of Cisco’s newest innovations.

In an interview on July 1, 2013, Inbar Lasser-Raab discussed this game changer in the world of technology on mobile devices. (See my post about this interview here.) The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is a true reflection of the modern digital era. You don’t need to be a geek to understand the positive implications of BYOD. This is the hottest thing right now for the growth of a country’s economy in all sectors. This technology brings to the mobile phone industry four trends that are the actual game changers that can be utilized for business purposes. Mr. Chambers mentioned that as he has travelled the world this last year, he “talked to government leaders and business leaders, and there are transitions and inflection points occurring where they understand what a digitalized country really means, and what that means in terms of job creation, growth for the country, inclusions, health care and education.” Cisco is making this digitalization possible through their innovations.

As Cisco makes a serious transition from being not just the number one networking company but also the number one IT company, they are creating opportunities for users to connect to the organization’s network. This is just one of the features Cisco has already implemented for the benefit of users. Additionally, Mr. Chambers pledges that they’re “going to accelerate through the transitions where we see the positives, and we’re going to minimize the challenges that… occur along the way” in further innovations. Cisco is already well on its way to number one. They are number one in IP video and telephone products, and Synergy Research Group recently ranked them number one in cloud infrastructure manufacturing.

John Chambers Cisco

Now more than ever, Communication and IT should, and must, work together. After all, why pay two companies when you could pay one for better services? Cisco is determined to fill both roles, for their customer’s benefit and their own company’s longevity in the technology industry. In the future, no company will be able to survive the pressures of providing only one of these services. Cisco, however, with the focus on their customers, wants to continue to provide services for them, and their ability to capture all the possible market trends and transitions will allow them to do so. Even now, Cisco is beginning to lay frameworks that will affect us all sooner than we expect. As they do so, Cisco will consult and listen to their customers and continue to provide the services the world is calling for.

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John Chambers CISCO

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