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Cisco The Internet of Everything  “The Internet of Everything” may sound like another one of CISCO System’s made up terms, but IoE, as they call it, is what’s happening now.  But what does it mean?  It’s not some new device or magical potion for your networks.  It’s a statement on the Internet today and its future.  The Internet is growing exponentially every year, and there are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on Earth.  (Want a second to let that sink in?)  In fact, as soon as 2020, 50 billion things and over 5 billion people will be connected to the Internet.  The IoE simply refers to the fact that the Internet will contain and connect everything and everyone.  And CISCO is ready to use this incredible system to change the way we innovate, interact, learn and play.


While it’s easy to envision entertainment revolutionized by the Internet of Everything, how will this change the business world?  It already has in quite a few ways already, and it will only continue.  Increased connectivity will help businesses innovate more, as well as to operate more efficiently and sleekly, enhancing the business experience for the customers.  Businesses will also be able to better utilize the existing technology as it becomes more widespread.  The possibilities will be endless.  If the creativity of the human brain can imagine it, it can be connected to the Internet.


The Internet of Everything does not stop there.  It goes further than the lives of private individuals.  The level of connectivity plays a role in determining the transparency with which governments act and deliver services to their citizens.  Connecting a government to the world and all of its citizens through the Internet will encourage accountability in governments entrusted with national resources and the well-being of their general citizenry.  For all governments, only increased efficiency and transparency can ensure that everyone in the country benefits.  The Internet of Everything concept is beginning to make this possible, and it will continue to the benefit of all.


According to Blair Christie, CMO of CISCO Systems, there will be only one way to measure the success or failure of the Internet of Everything, and that will be the benefit humanity enjoys from it.  It will contain everything, just like its name suggests, and from a technological point of view, IoE will be the only thing that will matter in the future.  It is a thrill to imagine a time when a hand held device is going to unlock the Internet.  Listen to your favorite music, discuss politics with someone across the world, read the newspaper instantly; it’s already happening!  And it will only get bigger and better.

 CIsco the internet of things

Cisco The Internet of Everything

From life at home to business organizations, education, and most importantly, government and democracy, the benefits of the Internet of Everything are felt worldwide every day.  With an app downloaded on a mobile device, you can unlock the Internet of Everything and see how it is impacting the world, changing the way we live, the way we are governed and the way we do business.


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Cisco The Internet of Everything

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  1. I remember that when Java was first launched, it came with the promise of enabling the Internet of Things, but that wasn’t what it was called back then. It’s about time this is finally approaching reality, almost 20 years later.

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