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WIX websites WIX Websites  is a leading Israeli company that provides cloud-based visual development and editing environments that make it easy for individuals to set up anything from a personal website to web-based businesses.

WIX has created a state-of-the-art, creative way to design websites. With the opportunities and add-ons available on their website, the WIX platform creates an innovative user experience. Diverse and creative website templates including business, photography and other entertainment types, ensure that users on the WIX website can find a template that suits their needs, whether business or personal.
WIX has over 40 million registered users in 190 countries. No prior knowledge of web design is required in the creation of websites, yet WIX websites allows users to create exciting and innovative websites, increasing their competitive advantage over competitors. WIX has been critical in enhancing and providing services for cloud based web development that WIX websites users can now use to generate exciting platforms for their customers.

WIX websites solution is one of the most exceptional and fresh solutions I have seen lately, which is mostly due to the fact that they have changed the way people think about website creation.  WIX websites redefines how we think about website creation, what a website should look like, and how we should approach its design. WIX websites took on a complicated and very important task, and transformed it into a simple job that is fast, and available to anyone.
From a business point of view, WIX is unique, and they have made their platform a necessity since with their outstanding concept they are not just a website provider. They are business enablers; they enable individuals and small businesses to be “out there” and exposed to the world.

Robert Kiyosaki said, “Passion builds businesses.” WIX is a place where that happens, as they are incredibly passionate about redefining our idea of websites, and especially the fact that WIX customers can have outstanding, professional and elegant websites without any previous knowledge in design or code. WIX has many happy customers, as shown by the feedback provided by the users on WIX website stories forum http://www.wix.com/stories/. WIX has simplified the rather complex task of developing websites by allowing users to pick predesigned templates that they can use to develop their own websites.

Recently WIX moved from being a successful privately held company to a public company with a promising future in the NASDAQ. As a new public company contending with the major players on the stock market, WIX is heading into a new world of business opportunities. Together with the great pride and joys of Israeli companies, WIX has moved into a new competitive territory with new laws of survival. There is a brand new competition strategy that WIX needs to know, recognize and manage, and it’s not the same competition it had to contend with up to now. WIX having gone public means that now they are in a different competitive market with different rules, and it will be exciting to see how they hold up to the competition.


WIX has had great success in redefining the value that websites have to businesses, helping them remain competitive in the business. However, WIX has had to redefine their strategy to ensure that they are able to remain relevant. This is mostly due to their move to the public marketplace; as a public company they face stiffer competition.

As a public company, WIX has new responsibilities, some of which are the same as a private company: continue to innovate, surprise and lead technologically. But it will also have to show us outstanding and steady financial results in the long term. It is going to be interesting to watch the company present its financial results every quarter, while it is increasing its influence with its technology all over the world.

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כרמית ידין

WIX Websites

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