Why Is it Important To Use Social Media in B2B Marketing and Sales?

Social Media in B2B Marketing and SalesRecently, IBM queried different CEOs around the world. They inquire about what these CEOs think will happen to the future of social media on the following years, 3 to 5 years from now. The responses of the CEOs were a revelation. A CEO from a U.K. insurance industry gave a response. In his statement, he said that for the first time, in his career, he feels old because individuals in their 20s perform and handle their social sense in a peculiar way. He further added that they are using the social media to connect with their friends and socializing. However, the kids are dealing with the social media in such a way that it is already their lives. He concluded.

Is it important to use social media in B2B marketing and sales? Yes.

The key point is if the majority of the CEOs recognize the current events with the social world. The greater number of the CEOs believes that the social channels are going to be the main scheme of attracting customers. A CEO from the Banking world of Argentina stated that in order for them to get connected to the new generation of employees. They need to modify the way they communicate with them. He also stated that their generation belongs to the e-mail generation while their new generation employees belong to the social network generation. This is a very essential method to view the social world. The marketers are consistently sensing at the outbound social attempts. However, it is very crucial to listen to what customers have to say with regard to your brands on various social channels.

In this forum, the CEOs are doing it right because they believe that they should be listening to what their customers have to say on social channels. Customers now are expressing their views in the social media and not anywhere else. A U.S. Financial Vertical CEO said that we are currently going to the platform that almost everyone will have to find out how to utilize social to successfully perform the business. The interesting part of this is that the views of CEOs are different through industries worldwide. The percentages of CEOs who believe that social media is the main channel for engaging customers to vary according to their field. In Education, there are 77% CEOs who believed that way. There are 73% in Telecommunications, 72% in Retail, 51% in Insurance, 52% in Electronics and 34% in Industrial Products.

The CEOs across the world acknowledge the true value of social media as the source of awareness and a process of coordination. A CEO from an Insurance firm from Switzerland said that we utilize social media more of a knowledge area to contain information regarding customers than a marketing or distribution path. Another CEO from the media and entertainment industry of U.K stated that with regard to the B2B market, their B2B customers are consumers of social media too, and you can’t separate the two. This means that regardless if you are using social media to promote and monitor your product or not, your customers are well-inclined to them. You have the choice to opt out from social media. Moreover, social media has grown rapidly than any industry, and the industry knowledge on how to utilize them, according to the CEO of the healthcare industry in Australia. The CEOs also predict that social media will be greater than channel partners, websites and call centers. They added that social media will be the top 2 method to entice customers, but still sales reps are the number one to engage customers.

SocialMediaTo conclude, it is determined by some people in the industry that by next year, we will finally be able to view the exact value of a viral campaign. Marc Fischman from Hyper activates who promises to identify the actual value of the posts in social media that the concentration on these channels is on Influencers and how to determine. Up to this day, the Influencers are determining as the individuals with huge followings that communicate a lot on social platforms. We believe that the Taste Makers are more significant than the Influencers because they are the people who will activate their own fans and followers when they communicate.


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