How to use LinkedIn to build a Pipeline

Llinkedin sales solutionsLinkedIn is by far one of the best online tools around, assisting reps and improving their productivity through social networking. The tools LinkedIn offers help to ease the communication process by facilitating a casual introduction, which can lead to a healthy business relationship. The beauty of LinkedIn is that many connections you make there can lead to second and third degree connections, painlessly expanding your network. This is a huge boon for companies looking to attain good growth targets. Through LinkedIn you can meet prospective clients who can open doors for your company.

There is a ton of skilled manpower out there just waiting for the right connection to lead to the right job. LinkedIn lets companies and organizations communicate with these skilled workers, and provides the information to do so quickly and easily. A strong foundation can then be built based on the credentials and qualifications of the prospects. Closing deals becomes much easier after each party has engaged with the other and built a good relationship.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

The LinkedIn Pipeline has helped reps establish good, authentic leads. Initially the function wasn’t very useful, because the quality of data available wasn’t always reliable. Some leads were dead ends, since the prospect had left that company or just didn’t respond. This isn’t the case now; prospects leave reliable personal contacts through which they can be contacted at any time.

Through LinkedIn, the level of trust is elevated, since all members can utilize both their own profiles, and those of other LinkedIn users they’ve added and been formally connected to. This means they can see information about their first and second degree connections, allowing them to become acquainted with whomever they need to. In this way, they can create a trusting relationship based on the information they gather.

Deals don’t stall as easily when you’ve created connections with the LinkedIn Pipeline. You have created a relationship between yourself and the prospect, which builds trust. You can connect to additional people using the connections you already have. Here’s a good example: Client A wants to build a connection with Client E, but doesn’t have any direct connection to him. Fortunately, Client A is connected to Clients B,C and D who are connected to Client E. Client A can utilize this chain of connections, and ask for referrals, in order to link up with client E. This creates a healthy environment where businesses run smoothly.

Reps utilizing LinkedIn Pipeline see impressive results every day. LinkedIn elevates your work to a whole new level. (It does a lot of the work for you!) LinkedIn gathers the information of its members, arranges them in order of priority, and last but not least, allows you to build relationships with decision makers. These functions, accompanied by others, such as targeted searches, will save you a ton of time that would otherwise be spent filtering huge bundles of data.  LinkedIn saves Reps time and energy, allowing them to focus completely on sales with a high probability of purchase, what could be better?!


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LinkedIn sales solutions

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  1. Great thought but now find a update post from all companies and user’s which is not in our connections by linkedin is very difficult but before a 10 to 12 month ago this is very easily, you just select update button and type your queries.

    Can anybody help me to find update post which is not in our connection??

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