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Is Your Sales Message Captivating?

Struggling to meet your sales quota? You may not be communicating effectively with potential customers.  Most sales messages focus solely on the desires of a company and sales team.  While sales are essential to any business, it works better to focus on the wants of the customer, build trust and connect with them in a more casual, social way.  Marketing your product with dull pitches filled with jargon can alienate the customer.  Rather, tailoring your sales message to suit your market niche will increase not only one-time sales, but can also help build a loyal return-customer base.

What Can You Do to Make Your Sales Message More Interesting?

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your sales message is captivating and effective. However, before looking at what you need to do to enhance the appeal of your sales message, let’s examine a couple mistakes to avoid:

a.      Mass Emails

Maybe you’re trying to impress your boss by showing an effort in sales pitches.  Instead, impress him with actual sales.  Mass emails are usually not the way to attract new customers.  More often than not, they are completely ignored and deleted by the recipient.  By nature they are impersonal and reek of insincerity; the customer smells that.  Not only are they easily ignored, mass emails also prohibit you from focusing on more likely customers.  Spend less time trying to get lots of customers and more time concentrating on a smaller number who might be more likely to buy your product.

b.      Spending Too Little Time Developing Qualified Lists

If you are not developing qualified lists of customers, you won’t be able to identify an individual or company that could be a customer, or introduce you to other customers.  Make an effort to spend time in researching companies as well as individual targets.  This can help avoid the “shot in the dark” approach in sales.  Customers notice when you connect with them on a personal level, and by researching and developing qualified lists, you can spend more time with each potential customer than you would be able to in a more widespread sales pitch.

Effective Communication

Creating Your Message

Effective communication includes creating an interesting sales message, which isn’t too terribly difficult.  It only requires you to be creative, network with others in your field, and develop and establish professional relationships within your target market. This can all be done very easily.  Rely on phone conversations rather than impersonal email introductions, appear online in forums, and be a constant, reliable source of information for your clients.  Make your sales pitch accessible, and relate to your customers as people rather than numbers on a page.  You’ll be amazed how quickly your sales will increase.


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