Do companies need experienced Sales and Marketing team?

Business SpanishExperience in sales and marketing is continuously regarded as one of the strongholds for any company to survive in the competitive business world. As the world continues to change, organizations are coming up with different methods to create awareness about their goods and services. While hiring an experienced individual with credible background on sales and marketing may present some opportunities, the traditional techniques of creating awareness to the public about goods and service may be challenged by the new methods. For instance, there are those organizations that still prefer purchasing space on the newspaper when compared to startup companies focusing on the Internet and the power it presents in the current technology world.

In order to understand the value of experience in any sales and marketing business category, it is important to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and Internet marketing respectively. Marketing is meant to help grow and promote businesses. It encompasses various options including creating awareness through publicity, executing sales through merchandising and ensuring there is efficiency in supply through distribution.

While both the Internet, which is the new age of marketing seems to be picking up quite fast, there are multiple business people who seem to prefer the traditional form of marketing such as newspaper, radio and television respectively. Traditional marketing utilizes the concept of direct sales with the described Medias in place.  Note that employing an individual who may have been in the traditional marketing arena could help provide more opportunities for the company to move forward. A few years ago, the Internet was not as strong as today as access to computers was not opened to everyone, but with the introduction of social media, access to the Internet has become primary to many people and this is the opportunities that experienced new age marketing strategies where the Internet is playing a key role are using.

Therefore, with regards to the marketing ideas you intend to use, sometimes focusing on the experienced persons within that particular strategy should be realized. For instance, if you find the traditional techniques a lot more welcoming, an experienced sales and marketing team on those marketing ideas should be taken into consideration as compared to an Internet and social media expert who may not have the same skills. Anyhow, does internet marketing out way the traditional methods? The dilemma that seems to be affecting most people is the fact that even the print media, radio and television also seem to be using the same platforms to create awareness.

The point is that they are trying to transition with technology and this is the same idea a professionally acclaimed sales and marketing expert should have an eye on. With modern techniques, results are much more measurable with decision making procedure a lot easier since real data and qualitative results can be noticed thus making them available on the spot. Since the current world is changing quite fast, experience is not the only advantage a business needs to move forward thus why they strive to remain updated especially on the fields of sales and marketing where the rules of the game keep changing.


Carmit Yadin

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