What are your Business Competition Strategies?

business competition managment strategiesCompanies are fighting for the same money that is in the customers’ pocket. That is what has bred so fierce business competition strategies today, with some organizations going into the malpractice of industrial espionage just so they can find out what their competitors are up to. This is done in the hope that they will be able to create an extra edge over the competition management. To get that money, the company has to know how to appeal to the customers. It has to know how to woo them to spend that money on them and not on their rivals. This therefore brings in the question of: is there a way to get the customers to spend their money on your products?


Technology companies flood the market, offering just about the same products. Therefore, making glass ceiling breaking sales for the technology products can be hard, but it need not be impossible. When you have a new technology product that you would like to put in the market, you can make the customers go for it, by appealing to their emotions. This is not only a smart way of beating the business competition, but when you have more customers, then that means that you will generate more revenue. This is achievable only after careful competition management.


How will you make the customers go for your technology products? That is what you must find out. You will have to encourage your employees, from the senior ones to the junior ones to think critically, to come up with out of the box solutions for business competition management. The problem with many employees is that they will come up with solutions similar to those of other companies, mostly by building up on platforms built by other companies, and expect to reap from that. Customers can read duplicity and they will simply move on to your competition.


Emotional appeal has been experimented on in the past. It has been tried in branding and has been found to work wonderfully well. Customers are very emotional people and when you are offering them a technology product, you have to present it in such a way that it appeals to a need that they have or will have in the future. It is the mandate of the company to find out how they will present their product.


Enhancing business competition strategies management by using multiple discipline tactics might work, depending on how it is arranged and executed. This is where you employ different methodologies to appeal to the emotions of the customers when you are presenting a product to them. It does not matter whether the sale is happing on the phone, face to face or on the web, because in all circumstances, it is possible. Customers do not want to feel that they are being sold anything. They want to be made to feel that someone is offering them a solution to their problem.

Business Competition Strategies grow your business

Business Competition Strategies

Will testimonials work? And human interest stories that tell of real life experiences and situations? People like to imagine that the product at hand has been used successfully before. Sometimes, a customer is looking for a solution, yet he/she does not really know that they have that need. It is the duty of the organization to find out what they can do to appeal to the emotional side of the customers. Business competition strategies is not about competitors but about how a company can make more business.



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