Stop Selling to BOOM Your Sales

stop salesIn order to close more sales, you must stop selling. Yes, that’s correct!

To increase your sales and revenues you must stop selling, and put your efforts into building relationships. These relationships will create endless sales cycles for you. The main reason for that is that people will buy from someone who

  • Understands what they want.
  • Understands what they need.
  • Can fulfill their need.
  • They can trust.
  • Educates them.
  • Provides them with relevant information.
  • Solves their problem.
  • Creates opportunities for them.
  • Provides them with great value on their product.


Building relationships is all about values and trust. Put your energies into understanding your customer’s values. Provide them with good value financially. Always be honest and tell the truth. Make them need you. Make them want to consult you when they have issues to solve, and then help them solve those problems. Be their expert advisor.

Relationships are crucial to business to business sales. They are what keeps the business operational.  Relationships establish great connections and bring more business opportunities. They also drive business, since people believe in you and see how you could satisfy their needs. Relationships are not a one-time thing; they cannot be built overnight but are developed over time.

In the business world there are not specific methodologies. Every case, every customer, every partner; each one of them is in a totally different world, and that’s the beauty of this business. Good business isn’t static, and there is no one hard and fast system of dos and don’ts. Each case is special.

This is very different from the traditional sales strategies that were proffered by sales gurus twenty or thirty years ago. Often, the advice they gave was about overcoming calling fears, combined with outdated sales techniques. Those strategies just aren’t nearly as effective as they once were.

If you want to create revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and drive brand equity, stop selling and start adding value.

The sale is not about you, your company, your products, or your services. It’s about your customer. Only when you understand this will you be able to rapidly increase your sales. Business is done between people, not between companies. Again, relationships will make your business thrive. It’s the key to making sales and offers come to you.

BOOM Sales


The world we are living in is hooked on technology. We connect virtually more than we socialize face-to-face. As our social lives become more and more virtual, I find building relationships, face-to-face relationships, and that special human touch very important. We are all human, and although we appreciate technology, we want to really connect with people in the flesh. But this connection, this human touch, is becoming more and more rare. One of my favorite movies, Up in the Air, has a great example that emphasizes the importance and value of face-to-face meetings. A human, personable touch, and face-to-face meetings, is crucial to increase sales and keep your business running.

Building relationships is essential to your business, but they must be quality relationships, based on in-person meetings and a personal, individual and human touch.

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