B2B Relationship Management: the Key to Building Relationships

B2B Relationship Management

In B2B relationships, the growth of a company and the never ending success of it depend on solid professionalism, hard work, well-oriented goals, specific and achievable correlative tasks. The market is full of very similar products with variable to no features that can make a difference, therefore, companies might struggle to stay ahead of the competition not realizing that key to success in a very tight market is changing the perception people has of business.

There are companies that just to hear their names we can mentally refuse them right away but we might end up persuaded by a presentation made by an interesting individual that somewhat can bend our point of view of the whole company, just by a person, while there are other desirable companies and businesses that can be potentially ruined by the wrong attitude of a presenter. Attitude, in business relationship management is the key. People focuses on ‘positive attitude’ not knowing it might not be the right one, or just not the end of it all. Finding the right attitude, by earning a company’s trust and building the right business relationship is what marketers should focus their efforts on. But, how can this be achieved?

When 2 people close a deal in the name of the company they work for, virtually is 2 companies agreeing with each other, but in reality it is 2 individuals agreeing with themselves in a deal. Given the fact that business is in reality done between people and not companies, a very close business relationship needs to be established. In order for this to be ever achieved, some work around should be done to ensure your image as a person, outside from the name of the company you work for. The only way to be outstanding from the competition in the same market, with a very similar product is by earning the trust of not a company, but other human beings just like you.

Everybody in the conference room is important!

Very often people make the mistake of focusing on the decision maker solely without acknowledging the rest of the staff, from assistants to receptionists because they are just obstacles and middle steps to reach the target person and they don’t really deserve their attention and time to be spent. In fact, many marketers can go as far as argument with crew members or total ignorance of the people sitting right beside the decision maker. On the other hand, a very charismatic person looking into the eyes of everybody in a conference room, answering questions with the right tone and just by building a simple, polite, business relationship the right way with everybody involved with the decision maker can turn the tables on their favor when closing a deal. You have to focus in earning your potential partner’s trust by showing the same face to each one of the individuals present, from doormen to decision maker, so you prove to be an integral person and not a money hungry, heartless person.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

A client or partner should, by no means, be seen as an enemy. Sure that’s not the right approach, but digging a little further to get to know entirely what your potential client business is about and as a person, to the last aspect assures you to have the required knowledge to handle a negotiation better, knowing what makes your client vulnerable to persuasion and what could come as an objection that needs to be tackled is indispensable. By knowing your client’s important details that other companies don’t seem to even care about, you earn credibility as a plus on your side. This will lead you to success in closing a deal and will help you earn the trust needed in a potential partnership with approval from senior level to your face to face partner.

Do not seek to reel the big fish, seek to make contact with another human, just like you.

The offer and demand principle is ruled by humans involved, not companies. Therefore, your efforts should be towards generating a healthy business relationship between you and your potential partner and not between your company and your potential partner or vice-versa. Chances of closing a deal with a company for a similar product or service in the market are really tight, but chances of closing a deal by you with a friend are enormous. Looking forward to engage a friendship is indispensable to earn the needed trust to close a deal successfully. Why should someone choose you among the others? How can you survive in a very competitive market? The answer is you! Showing yourself as a person making contact with another person, building a business relationship based on trust on you, not on your company.

B2B relationships are between people, not companies

By knowing your client and company’s background to use in your favor as advice to find the right tools to close a deal, being confident in your own product, acknowledging and respecting all personal involved in a company and looking towards to engage a business friendship with your client leads you to success by earning the needed trust to close a deal between yourself and the decision maker; your new partner, your new client and probably, your new friend and not between the companies involved. After all, business is done between people, mediated by trust, not between companies mediated by products, business is close, done and made between people, not between companies. As a friendship leads to trust, a solid, strong B2B relationships will lead to trust as well since deals are based on trust. When the difference between your company and other companies is almost null, you make the difference and a client will choose you, and not who you work for.



Carmit Yadin

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  1. Great post, Carmit. I particularly love the line in your post that says, “Do not seek to reel the big fish, seek to make contact with another human, just like you.” Well said and great reminder. On a separate note, we are praying for peace in the region since Tel Aviv seems to be a recent target.

  2. Nice article and good learning, it gives a very good start who are ready to begin a relationship role on bigger level. More importantly the perception has changed that we are dealing with a human like us not a company.

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