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Angela-Apple Marketing StrategyHow Will Angela Ahrendts Boost The Apple Marketing Strategy?

For the first time since 2009, sales in Apple retail stores took a dip. As of June 30, sales were down by 4.5% (sales per square foot). This dip may have led to the appointment of Angela Ahrendts as the Senior Vice President in charge of online and retail sales. She will be starting next year and it is expected that she will boost the Apple marketing strategy in a big way.

By this time next year (2014), the newly appointed luxury retail-marketing professional will be fully entrenched as the Senior Vice President of retail and online marketing strategies. This position had long stayed vacant, maybe due to lack of a qualified person. She will be reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook.

Cook has had to devise a new marketing strategy after Apple products started losing their novelty, due to merciless pursuit from Samsung and other smart products entering and competing in the market. But finding an individual with the same spirit Steve Jobs had is a daunting task. Cook and Ahrendts together though, could bring the novelty and appeal back to Apple products.

What will Ahrendts bring to the Apple marketing strategy?

For many people, the question surrounding this appointment is whether a luxury fashion CEO, (Ahrendts has led the luxury brand Burberry since 2006) can work the same magic with luxury technology. People who have been monitoring the performance of Apple think their strategy will work wonders for the company.

It is too early to say how this new strategy, combining luxury fashion and technology, will work. However, with an in-depth look, it is not too hard to determine how this is going to operate. She shares Apple’s love for innovation, style and branding.

Ahrendts brings strengths that complement Cook’s weaknesses

We already know the type of leader and businessman Tim Cook is. We also know the strengths and weaknesses of Ahrendts, and there is no doubt that the two will advance the Apple marketing strategy.

While their individual strengths are good for the company, these two complement and balance each other. For example, one of Tim Cook’s weaknesses is lack of a big vision and the ability, or maybe the patience, to inspire the lieutenants and the entire workforce. On the other hand, one of Ahrendts’ gifts is her ability to inspire and get the best out of people. She and Cook will balance each other to create strong leadership and vision at the top of Apple.

She brings her experience in luxury retail

Apple’s brick and mortar stores are very appealing and marketable. It is important to convey the same image in their online store, and Ahrendts is the woman for the job. Apple knows that Ahrendts will use the same magic touch that turned Burberry into a respected global icon. Hopefully, the success that has followed her since 1989, when she became the President of Donna Karan, will follow her to Apple. The new Apple marketing strategy will focus on Ahrendts’ strengths to draw people toward her and her ability to convince customers.

Ahrendts will boost the global outlook in Apple marketing strategy

Ahrendts has a global outlook, and when it comes to making decisions, she does not hold back. One of the things that we can expect to see in the new Apple marketing strategy is a refreshed brand online, a fresh customer outlook, and she may even challenge some of the Apple traditions in the boardroom.

Ahrendts brings a proven track record in building lasting online brands, and has immense experience in digital retail and rebranding.  She values customers and works to improve their experience, and is an inspiring leader. Whatever Ahrendts did to revive the waning Burberry brand can work just as well for Apple. We can’t wait to see what she will pull out of her hat next spring.



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