Innovation of the Startup Nation Featured at International CES

Startup NationThe startups of Israel have a wonderful opportunity to grow their businesses and gain exposure worldwide, thanks to the Israel Economic Mission to the west coast based in SF, Ca. January 6-9, at International CES in Las Vegas, startups from Israel will be featured in their own concentrated exhibition at the Sands Hotel, conceived by the Israel Economic Mission and the Israel Export Institute. This is a fantastic opportunity for them, and will help the startups gain notice on an international scale, attract investors, and acquire new customers.

International CES will feature some of the biggest tech companies in the world, all competing for the Innovation Awards, honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The competing companies include Samsung, Sony, Adidas,. Read more about their ingenious product below.

Israel has tons of companies with products that could show at International CES. These consumer electronics and digital media companies have innovative products ranging from mobile devices to gaming, automotive and smart home solutions. So why were the 12 companies attending International CES chosen? What sets them apart from the other 500? They all offer something that hasn’t been seen before. They offer truly innovative products. International CES has a set of criteria used to determine the products at the show. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. The product  is or contains innovative technology and has a proven sales record
  2. The product is in a growth-stage level of development
  3. The product is relatively new.

These and other criteria have set the 12 attending companies apart and sent them to Las Vegas.

The Startups

Human Eyes Technology LTD – The Human Eyes VR camera creates the most life-like and realistic 3D video on the market. They accomplish this by recording simultaneous, synchronized video streams from multiple, integral camera sensors disposed at fixed, regular angular intervals about a vertical axis. An available responsive helmet allows the viewer to inhabit the video, as if they were standing where the camera was, viewing all the angles as if it were real.

Idomoo – By utilizing a variety of video models, Idomoo offers the best in 1:1 marketing and customization, allowing companies of all sizes to generate engagement and conversion rates that are three to four times higher than the standard.

Kidoz Ltd. – An entertainment & discovery platform for kids on mobile devices, allowing children ages 0-12 to enjoy a safe and fun mobile experience by delivering top-notch, age-appropriate content and restricting unauthorized usage and unsafe content. With thousands of pre-approved videos, apps and games KIDOZ provide the perfect mobile experience kids love and parents trust.

Lexifone – The world’s only privately-held automated technology for in-call interpretation. Lexifone translates outgoing and incoming calls on any landline or mobile phone in 16 languages. Both sides simply speak their language and Lexifone will translate both sides in real time.

MUV Interactive – They have developed innovative wearable sensing technology that revolutionizes the way people can interact with digital visual content in 3D space. MUV’s unique wearable ring-like device, called bird, enables simple and intuitive physical interaction with digital media, in both 2D and 3D spaces, with unprecedented precision.

Sensibo – Sensibo has developed a product that allows the user to customize their climate control experience. Users communicate with their existing home climate control via an app, and Sensibo learns the user’s habits and lifestyle, using the information to customize the air conditioning and save energy.

Silentium Ltd. – By using noise cancelling technology, Silentium has developed The Quiet Bubble™ to create a personal quiet zone around the user’s head without the use of headphones. This adds to their existing technology, which involves cancelling the sound waves at the source by installing the product in home appliances and industrial machines.

StoreDot – StoreDot has developed two products made with new bio-organic materials:

• FlashBattery™ – A Smartphone battery that charges in 30 seconds, and provides extended battery life.

• Flexible Display – The World’s first BioLED™ display – Cadmium Free for an environmentally friendly answer to smartphone display technology.

Umoove – A mobile face and eye tracking software that can be easily integrated into various software and hardware products. Umoove is focused on utilizing its technology to develop consumer based healthcare apps that can monitor and improve brain activity.

VocalZoom Systems Ltd. – This clever product is SEEON™ (Speech Enhancement Microphone), a miniature Optical Microphone Module that enables reliable speech recognition and clear communication in any noisy environment. SEEON™  comes in miniature modules, for applications such as automotive, mobile communications, PC and mobile computing, wearables, headsets and personal/commercial conferencing.

WonderVoice Technologies Ltd. – WonderVoice is an always-on personal voice assistant that connects people to their social networks and apps in an eyes-free environment. WonderVoice offers a mobile app for consumers and B2B solution for mobile and wearable devices.

ZUta Labs – This company’s product made it to the finals of the Innvovation Competition! They have developed a Mini-Robotic-Printer; a little printer that is a robot with wheels. Instead of having the paper feed through the printer in order to print, the small robot runs on the paper and prints while doing so. It’s the first ever truly mobile printer. It’s the smallest printer in the world that can print on any size of paper, anywhere you are.

With ingenious and clever products like these, it’s no surprise that Israel has its own section at International CES. It’s great to see innovation like this being developed and recognized, and Israel, the Startup Nation is at the helm of this development. If you’re near Las Vegas in January, go and see these great companies and support their groundbreaking innovation. Or to find out more, contact Michael Harroch at



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