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Online communication has advanced another step through the innovations of WondrMe, an Israeli startup that won the Startup grind Tel Aviv competition in February 2014. This startup is helping transform how information is shared online by making communication with the human voice a reality on internet forums. I couldn’t wait to meet the guys behind WondrMe, and now I can’t wait to share with you the ways they are going to affect each and every one of us.

Voice on the Internet

Lately, a new trend has emerged on the internet, putting focus on the use of the human voice for communication. There is a lot of written information on the internet, but it doesn’t always get the job done communication-wise. We have all found in our daily lives that text has its limits in communication. This lack of effectiveness has brought us emoticons and emoji, not to mention quite a few misunderstandings. Increasingly, companies have been addressing this problem. There is software available, such as WebRTC, which enables voice calling, video chat and sharing of P2P files without using plugins. There are applications like Mindmeld, which listens to your conversations and finds relevant information for you before you have to search for it. Google is in on the party with helpouts, which enable the user to get video help and answers on all kinds of topics in real time from real people. And Twilio allows calls to be made and texts to be sent using web service APIs. The use of speech on the internet has increased dramatically with new technological developments.

The Need

One of the most essential human urges is to speak and communicate verbally. Even now, when we can find the answer to practically any question with a click of the mouse in a search engine, we all feel the need to pick up the phone and ask a real person. On the internet, which is supposed to put answers at our fingertips, we find ourselves drowning in information. Have a simple question? Have a few hours of reading material, with no guarantee of an answer. We all know that feeling, and we’ve all experienced that frustration too many times.

Communication is better when people are having conversations. We get the chance to clarify information, express our emotions and ask questions. Text and written communications are limited. It is difficult to provide real expression, and tone is often misconstrued. How often have you misunderstood a sarcastic comment for a genuine one? Communicating via text usually leads to more questions and clarifications, unlike live conversations where one can easily share their thoughts.

Talk with someone in a real life conversation so you can better express your thoughts and understand others. WondrMe has made this possible using their content-based voice discussion platform.


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WondrMe has introduced the use of the voice in online UGC (User Generated Content), enabling participants to communicate verbally with each other directly. This is meant to simplify communication and to make clarification of complex issues much easier. The startup has devised a system that enhances how people spread their knowledge beyond their circle of friends: utilize the most natural method of communication – the human voice.

Online UGC are largely characterized by the use of writing to convey thoughts. This has been dissatisfying due to the difficulty associated with expressing oneself in writing. For instance, in texts and SMS messages, we often feel that the text is not suited to fully explaining complex issues. People cannot conduct fulfilling discussions in text correspondence. Our thoughts deserve to be understood through real voice conversations.

With WondrMe, all you need to do to is to make a call to a member of the forum. The problem you were facing or question you had is then open to the group. The correspondence is also recorded so that it can be listened to by anyone with a similar problem, who can also add to the conversation.

WonderMe provides an avenue where you can get opinions on different topics while taking part in a conversation. It utilizes live human voice conversation, making it possible to communicate effectively. The platform also allows conversations to take place between people of different cultures and backgrounds about common interests. Everyone’s opinion counts, which is why WondrMe is called “the voice of crowds.”

WondrMe allows everyone to share their opinion or ask a question, all using the human voice. This makes it easy to clarify, discuss, share and express opinions. I truly feel that the arrival of WondrMe was long overdue. Just by talking, WondrMe provides the most natural way to solve problems and discuss issues and save us all a great deal of time. And you know what time is!


Best Regards,

Carmit Yadin

כרמית ידין

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