Israel is Powering Up in the Gaming World

Casual Connect Next week at Casual Connect in San Francisco, there is a fantastic opportunity for Israeli companies seeking to redesign and influence the future of the gaming industry.

The 2014 Israel Gaming Reception at Casual Connect will take place in San Francisco July 22-24. The great thing about this event, and what makes it so impactful, is that not just any game company will be allowed to present at the event. The organizers, The Israel Economic Mission found the best of the best, and created an event in which the ten most innovative Israeli gaming companies will be showcased. These top-rated companies have been chosen based on their innovation, vision, capabilities, and outstanding approach as to how to take the gaming world into the future.

Here’s how it goes. The chosen companies will each get two minutes to give a presentation, giving the audience a chance to hear their ideas and their plan to rock the industry. They will also give demonstrations, and throughout the conference there will be one-on-one meetings with distributors, publishers, potential partners, and investors.

The chosen few

The companies chosen to present are:

  • Captain Up – An engagement platform powered by game mechanics, behavioral psychology, and machine learning.
  • DAU-UP – A Mobile and Social Performance Marketing Platform uniquely crafted for games.
  • Jelly Button Games – Creators of artful and adventurous cross-platform games.
  • justAD – The leading self-service advertising platform that enables advertisers to create highly engaging rich media ad campaigns for mobile and tablet devices.
  • KIDOZ Ltd – Makes any mobile device safe and fun for kids, in one click.
  • Playful Shark – A game development studio that has created over 80 games, including four award-winning titles, for web, social networks, mobile platforms, and motion controllers.
  • Side-Kick Ltd – A development studio for casual and mid-core games for tablets, smart phones, consoles and PCs.
  • TabTale – Creator of interactive books, games, and educational apps that kids and parents love.
  • TROPHiT – Patent-pending technology that helps games be discovered and boosts the UA performance.
  • Upopa Games Ltd – Creators of unique and innovative games for mobile devices.


Who will be there

Leading investors and high profile players in the gaming industry will be in attendance at the conference. The strong presence of companies from Israel at Casual Connect SF offers an opportunity to explore investment opportunities and collaboration possibilities with some of the up and coming game industry companies.

Why was Israel singled out?

The Israel Economic Mission

Julien Codorniou, the Director of EMEA Gaming Partnerships at Facebook described why he feels Israel is special. “We are seeking employees from all over the world… In Israel we had an exceptionally successful experience. Five out of ten leading games on Facebook in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, were made in Israel.”

Israel, already recognized as the startup-nation, has tons of success stories, and has proven its worth in areas such as game development, marketing and monetization solutions. Israel is renowned for being a technological and creative hub, a vibrant nation which demonstrates unusual thought and execution. The Gaming Industry combines all these factors, making it an ideal fit for the engineers and entrepreneurs of Israel. Leading industry companies like Facebook, Techcrunch, Gamasutra, and many more choose Israeli technologies to boost their game surfaces. That’s pretty strong validation that these Israeli companies are at the top of their games.

Every day in this business is like a game, and to win, I recommend you pursue these ten Israeli delegation companies. Find strategic partnerships and investment opportunities. They’re laying the tracks. Join the ride! Find the secret levels, get extra lives, and avoid the dreaded GAME OVER.

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